Beekeeping in Umatilla

bee hivesActs of Random Kindness Inc. has beekeepers who have a passion for agriculture and bees. We offer beekeeping seminars, beekeeping classes, and agricultural honey. Whether you are a man, woman or a person with a disability, you can become a beekeeper. It doesn’t matter if you live in the city, suburbs or out in the countryside. Beekeeping can deliver a lifetime interest, as well as providing you with many pleasurable moments of relief from the daily stresses of living and working. Contact us to get started learning about beekeeping!

With the Help From FL Natural and Our Fundraiser We Were Able to Donate to These Wonderful Groups.


Acts of Random Kindness Inc. is a nonprofit organization, so in order to remain successful, we need generous donations from the community. Honeybee Research: The Plight on the Honeybee. The Honeybee is weak and dying and we need to help provide for research and through efforts of pollination in whatever part of the world we are located. Contact us today to learn more and donate today!

Giving Back

By select our giving back option, you can sponsor someone who cannot afford our classes through a scholarship from your generous donation. The scholarship will enable the individual to take our classes. Contact us to learn more and give back today!

Bee Workshop Outline

Workshop lasts approximately 120 minutes (2 hours)

  • Introduction
  • Meet and Greet – Introduce speaker and discuss purpose of the presentation
  • Bees/Pollination
      1. What is the honey bee?
        1. Queen
        2. Drone
        3. Workers
        4. Guards
      2. 15 minute video (particular video varies depending on age of class attendees)
      3. Why are bees important to the world? – discuss importance of the bee to sustaining humanity
      4. What do bees do? – Show bee hive with live bees
        1. Pollination – discuss the process of pollination and how it occurs
        2. Honey – discuss what honey is and how it benefits us
      5. What is a bee keeper? – discuss the role of bee keeper
        1. Equipment and their uses – (bee suit, smoker, bee boxes)
        2. Process of pulling honey – samples of raw honey and raw beeswax
      6. Uses of Bees and their byproducts – Show examples to class attendees
        1. Pollen (antioxidant, immune booster)
        2. Wax (soaps, cosmetics, candles, arts and crafts)
        3. Medicinal (vibration healing)
  • Gardening
    1. Why Garden?
      1. Importance of gardening – (personal, regional, national/ global levels)
    2. What to garden and when – what to grow in different seasons and regions
    3. Health Benefits – organic, fresh vs. GMO
    4. How do bees help? – discuss the link to pollination and successful crop
    5. Types of Gardens – starting successful gardens, start seedlings with class
      1. Seasonal
      2. Annual
      3. Hydroponics

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