Natural Health and Exercise in Umatilla

With a diploma in natural health, we will focus on the history of natural health and review the body systems and common diseases and how natural holistic approach to offer informational material.

Diets of the Natural Health

Vegetarian, vegan and plant-based on recipes and menus with advantages and disadvantages. We will introduce herbs – highlighting a specific herd/plant how to grow and use for example with essential oils and aromatherapy. We will offer you a Doterra Essential Packages.

Words of Caution

Mortar and Pestile
This website is for reference and you should always speak to your doctor/healthcare provider before you change, start, or stop any part of your healthcare plan, including physical activity, exercise, change of diet, use of essential oils and/or herbal products.

Reading health and exercise information online may be helpful but it cannot replace the professional diagnosis and treatment that you might need from a qualified healthcare provider.

"Be strong to stand alone. Be yourself enough to stand apart… BUT be wise enough to stand together when the time comes."

Random Acts of Kindness

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